What Is the Best Free Mind Map Software?

A mind map is a visual representation of ideas. It helps you organize information and make connections between related concepts.

There are many free mind mapping programs available online, but not all of them work as well as others. In fact, most of them suck. But luckily, there are a few great ones that will help you create amazing mind maps without any hassle.

I’ve used these three mind mapping programs over the years and found them to be the best. They’re also very affordable, so you won’t feel bad spending $10-$20 per month on them.

In this article I’ll share with you my top picks for the best free mind mapping software.

What Is the Best Free Mind Map Software?

If you are looking for free mind map software that’s easy to use and customize, read this article to find out more about some of the best options available.

These free mind map software programs offer a wide range of features, and some of the best are web-based applications.

These tools allow you to customize and create mind maps in a variety of formats and styles. The following are five of the best free mind map software options.


If you are looking for free mind map software that works well, Canva is a great choice. You can choose from over one million professionally designed templates and choose from hundreds of different shapes, colors, and fonts.

You can even upload your own images and use their extensive library to add visual elements to your mind map.

Once you’ve created your mind map, you can embed it into your Powerpoint presentation or publish it to the internet.

Canva’s free plan allows you to create unlimited public diagrams with full revision history and full customization options, but there are few limitations.

There’s no auto-arranging branches, and you’re limited to three private mind map slots. There are also a number of paid plans available for the software, including the Canva Awesome plan, which is $5 per month billed annually.

You can also use the Canva Organization plan, which costs $8 per month per user.


A mind mapping software is a powerful tool for brainstorming, concept mapping, and project planning. GitMind has a simple interface, a vast template gallery, and collaboration capabilities.

With GitMind, you can create mind maps and collaborate with team members from any computer. It even lets you create mind maps in batches and export them to a variety of formats.

If you’re looking for free mind mapping software, consider GitMind.

A mind map allows you to visualize a larger picture and organize your ideas in an easy-to-read format. You can create branches for different topics, and you can switch between different maps quickly and easily.

Some mind map software will even let you add images, videos, and notes – a great way to add detail and enhance your mind map. GitMind is the best free mind map software available, so download it and start mapping!

Another feature of GitMind is its extensive template library and keyboard shortcuts. You can even make your own maps based on pre-existing ones.

You can also import text files, Wikipedia articles, tweets, and other types of data to build your mind map. GitMind is a great tool for brainstorming ideas and preparing presentations.

It also supports real-time collaboration. With this software, you can create mind maps that include team members and others, and then share them easily.


If you’re in need of a free mind map program, XMind is the one for you. Its free trial period allows you to test it out before you buy it. It’s written in JavaScript and runs in HTML5 browsers.

It supports unlimited mind maps and automatically adds context information and images. It also allows you to insert longer text, spreadsheets, videos, and more into your mind map.

You can share your mind maps with other people in your team and collaborate with them. You can share them publicly or assign them to different team members, but there are limitations to file sizes.

Also, you can’t assign multiple tasks to team members. XMind is the best free mind map software for teams with 20 or more users. It can be downloaded for free, but it has some limitations.

The paid plans are pricier than the free ones, and you should consider whether you’ll use it in your team.

XMind is a free mind map application that also has commercial features. It includes Microsoft Excel-like functions, such as opening and renaming multiple sheets in one map. I

t also has a matrix chart and features for making in-depth comparisons. It also runs a little slow when mind maps get large. You should try the trial version of XMind to see if it suits your needs before you buy.


One of the biggest differences between Lucidchart and other mind map software is how it treats relationships between nodes. In Lucidchart, the parent node is the closest to the mind map’s root.

The child node is further away. Nodes of the same parent are called siblings. Shapes on the same level are also called levels. When you export the mind map, Lucidchart automatically assigns nodes to the same level.

In addition to providing an intuitive diagramming solution, Lucidchart also has many integrations with other software, including GSuite and Atlassian products.

Because it’s web-based, Lucidchart makes it easy to collaborate with others online. Its interface and security features help you keep track of all users and projects.

There are options for authentication as well. This is a great option if you need to work with multiple users.

If you have a larger organization and need mind map software that scales with your needs, Lucidchart is a good option.

This software is easy to use and allows users to create mind maps, flowcharts, technical diagrams, and even wireframes. It allows you to collaborate with multiple people and embed mind maps into your website.

Lucidchart is another good alternative to Microsoft Visio, though it lacks Visio VSDX export.


The most popular free mind mapping software is Cacoo. This tool offers a number of useful features and can create mind maps in just a few minutes.

Its drag-and-drop interface allows you to drag and drop various components into a mind map. You can customize fonts, colors, shapes, and lines to create a professional-looking mind map.

It also includes over a million free stock photos. Users can publish their mind maps online or share them with others.

Cacoo is free for basic users, but has limitations. Its interface is complicated and lacks some features, such as auto-arrangement of branches.

You can only save three mind maps at a time. You can upgrade to the Personal plan for $5 a month or $10 per user billed annually. You can also upgrade to the Professional or Team plans for $15 or $25 per month.

However, if you’re creating mind maps for business use, you’ll need a more advanced plan.

Draw iO

Draw iO is one of the best free mind map software options available. The app’s simple interface allows you to input anything into a mind map, including photos.

This software also comes with a free online account, which can be useful for sharing maps with others. Although you can create free mind maps on Draw iO, you will have to pay to use some of the additional elements.

To avoid this problem, we recommend using a paid product instead.

The free version of Mindmeister supports up to three mind maps, real-time collaboration, and file attachments. You can also create mind maps for collaboration with external parties, such as students or clients.

However, Mindmeister’s export options are limited. While you can share your mind map with others using Dropbox, it can be slow on mobile devices.

Draw iO’s basic plan is free, while the pro version costs $5 per user/month billed annually. There are also paid plans available for teams of 20 or more users, including unlimited mind maps.

XMind 8 Pro

XMind is a powerful software for creating and editing mind maps. It supports different types of structure, including timelines, fishbone charts, and org charts.

XMind also includes milestone tracking and scheduling activities, as well as an image export feature and a theme editor.

XMind is fast and easy to learn. The software’s website has helpful tutorials and contact information.

This web-based mind mapping software is easy to use and includes all the tools you need to get started. It does not require an account, so you can start using the app immediately.

You can also buy the full functionality for just $19.95. The software is updated constantly and features are incorporated into future versions. It is also compatible with Microsoft applications and offers cloud storage.

The premium version is very affordable, too.

XMind has been developing cross-platform mind-map software for more than a decade. The latest version is XMind 2020. It features a more powerful graphics engine, which makes mind-mapping even more convenient.

However, it doesn’t necessarily mean XMind is better than its competitors. But if you’re serious about using mind-mapping software, consider XMind 8 Pro instead of other free options.

ConceptDraw MindMap software

Despite the high price tag, ConceptDraw MINDMAP has some impressive features. It lets you manage projects, create and edit mind maps, and export to a variety of file formats.

With this software, you can easily convert your mind map into a project and set start and end dates as well as work resources. This is the ultimate in mind mapping tools. Let’s take a closer look at this powerful software.

ConceptDraw MINDMAP is the industry’s most popular mind mapping software. With the full range of mind map tools, it helps you create, share, and analyze your ideas.

Moreover, this software lets you share mind map data with other programs, including Microsoft Office and MindManager. It also allows you to export your mind map to other programs, such as MS PowerPoint.

It’s a great tool for brainstorming, management, and project management.

Smartdraw is another popular free mind mapping software. It includes a large library of templates and allows users to create mind maps using a Gantt chart format.

This tool is ideal for business, management, and software development. It is easy to use and allows you to quickly create mind maps.

You can also add hyperlinks and images to your mind map. And once you’ve got the hang of it, you can share it with others.