Low Code UI Development

Whether you’re developing a simple app or a full-blown website, using low-code UI development can be a great way to make your project faster and easier to maintain. With the help of a number of tools, you can easily build user interfaces that are scalable and adaptable to new devices and users. These tools include EdgeVerve, NTT, Zoho Creator, and DronaHQ.


Developing applications for the mobile platform is easy with DronaHQ. The platform offers you with a wide range of templates to create beautiful interfaces in no time. It also features a powerful UI builder, which allows you to build your own custom UI components without writing a single line of code.

DronaHQ allows you to build apps for Android and iOS. You can also deploy them in the public cloud and on the desktop. The platform also offers you with a ready API, so you can integrate any of your existing enterprise platforms.

DronaHQ is a mature digital platform that has been used by millions of users. You can use it to develop a variety of applications such as process automation tools, analytics dashboards, consumer portals and more. It also supports various databases. It also offers a sophisticated application security system.

DronaHQ offers a 14-day free trial. It also provides full oversight for multi-team development governance. It also supports offline data syncing with back-end records systems. It also has a rich UI builder that allows you to create responsive layouts and beautiful interfaces.

DronaHQ is GDPR compliant. It also comes with a wide range of pre-built components and templates. It also offers a mobile form builder, which allows you to create visually appealing forms that are 20x faster than using other software. It also offers features such as custom dynamic logic, integrations, and automatic report generation.

DronaHQ provides access control configurations and a rule engine. You can also add scripts to execute your code. Whether you want to build custom apps or process automation tools, DronaHQ is the perfect low code solution for you.

Pega Express

Whether you are planning to build an app for your business, or looking to redesign your existing process, Pega Express is a low code UI development methodology that helps you do it quickly and effectively. It guides you through the design of Minimum Lovable Products, or micro journeys.

Pega Express integrates with the Pega Platform and allows you to preview and edit your user interfaces as you build. It also provides you with comprehensive visibility into the data sources that matter most to your organization.

Pega Express also helps you define different engagement channels. This allows you to communicate effectively with the various stakeholders in your organization. It also allows you to update and upgrade your software, or add new functionality when you need it.

Pega Express also provides you with a drag-and-drop visual interface. You can use it to quickly build applications, which are designed to be scalable. You can also use it to edit your designs as you build them. You can also select different user personas. This helps you better customize the software, which is important for your business.

Pegasystems recently introduced Pega Express, which is part of their unified enterprise-level CRM platform. Pega Express is integrated with the Pega Platform and offers you a guided, drag-and-drop interface to design microjourneys. You can also define the different channels that you want to engage with your customers.

Pega Express combines low code and visual model-driven development. It allows you to create custom UX, improve app logic, and streamline your business processes. Its interface is easy to navigate and provides great product performance. You can also improve your data schema and reduce the downtime of upgrades.

Zoho Creator

Using Zoho Creator, you can build custom business applications to help you automate and streamline business processes. The software platform has an easy to use visual interface that allows you to build workflows and apps quickly and easily. Moreover, the application has an embedded analytics engine that allows you to derive business insights from data.

Zoho Creator is an all-in-one, low code application development platform that helps you build custom business applications. It offers an intuitive user interface that requires only a few lines of code to create apps. With Zoho Creator, you can design forms without using CSS, automate workflows, and add logic to your apps. It includes over 40 report templates.

Zoho Creator includes an intelligent artificial intelligence (AI) assistant that helps you create data models and detect data relationships. It also offers predictive analytics, sentiment analysis, and object detection. You can also import data from other systems.

The software platform includes a drag and drop IDE and one-click deployment to web and mobile. It also includes integration with 600+ other applications.

Zoho Creator allows you to automate and streamline business processes and help you focus on your customers. You can access your data on the go, track changes, and schedule notifications.

Zoho Creator is also mobile-ready by default. It can be used on multiple platforms, such as Windows, iOS, and Android. Its user-friendly interface also makes it easy to create applications without programming knowledge. It has a forum where you can share knowledge and ask questions.

Zoho Creator also has a strong community of independent developers and ISVs. It has 6 million apps and over 7 million users worldwide.


Using low code UI development for EdgeVerve is a great way to enhance the customer experience and streamline business processes. In addition, low code can help streamline existing systems and integrate them with a variety of tools. As a result, businesses can become more responsive and adapt to a variety of disasters and threats.

In addition to creating customized apps, Appian also offers full-stack automation, which unifies robotic process automation and artificial intelligence. This allows customers to build apps faster, which can simplify business processes and streamline deployments.

As an Infosys subsidiary, EdgeVerve offers products that are used by global companies in a variety of industries. These products enable customers to accelerate growth and innovation in the digital age. Whether it’s collecting customer data from multiple sources, processing documents or building a stronger relationship with stakeholders, EdgeVerve helps clients achieve their business goals.

The company also offers a multichannel support system that allows customers to self-serve with natural language processing, advanced knowledge management and more. In addition, they provide a smart collaboration solution to support teams across the organization.

EdgeVerve’s platform is built for global enterprises that are looking for a solution to support complex process automation programs. It also provides a robust platform for continuous testing. It is also equipped with granular process visibility, as well as advanced orchestration capabilities, which enable companies to more efficiently develop and deploy applications.

EdgeVerve is committed to bringing artificial intelligence into the enterprise. Its products include XtractEdge, an artificial intelligence solution, and AssistEdge, an automation solution. Combined, these products enable companies to build strong relationships with stakeholders, accelerate growth, and improve efficiency.

EdgeVerve also provides a platform for enterprises to integrate both humans and software robots. This allows organizations to accelerate their test automation efforts, improve the efficiency of development, and deliver speed to market.


Using low code UI development, NTT Data will enhance the capabilities of its Intelligent Automation. This technology is designed to automate business processes using artificial intelligence. It helps clients achieve better outcomes and enables digital transformation.

NTT DATA is one of the world’s leading digital business and IT services companies. Its experts advise clients across the globe. In addition, it offers cybersecurity services to clients in various industries.

Its application developers have a wealth of experience designing next-generation user interfaces and demonstrating high-performance performance. It has 10 sites in nine countries. It has received orders worth 10 billion yen per year.

The partnership between NTT DATA and Olive will enable the two companies to work together on new health solutions. Olive customers include some of the largest health providers in the United States. Olive’s open platform will enable NTT DATA to leverage Olive’s unique capabilities to deliver new healthcare solutions. The companies will also co-develop new Loops on Olive’s platform.

The partnership between Olive and NTT DATA is part of Olive’s Deploy, Develop and Distribute Partnership Program. This will allow the companies to jointly develop new Loops for Olive’s health solutions. It also allows Olive customers to access the tools and capabilities of NTT DATA’s security automation platform, Swimlane.

The partnership will enable NTT DATA and BioT to work together to deliver a comprehensive platform for in-home patient services. These solutions will transform the human health experience. The platform can engage a variety of devices and will address privacy concerns. It can also maintain FDA-certified devices.

NTT DATA will increase its presence in seven fields of advanced digital technologies. It will also increase its human resources in these areas. It has established four Centers of Excellence (CoEs) in leading-edge technology areas. Its Centers of Excellence provide intellectual properties, technical support, and specialized engineering expertise.