Low Code UI Builders

UI Builder is a low code UI development platform that allows developers to create high-quality apps and websites with ease. In addition to supporting a variety of programming languages, UI Builder has tools that can help create apps that are responsive, mobile-ready, and secure.

Its graphical design editor is especially handy for creating applications that require complex user interaction. It’s also a great platform for building apps for IoT and other emerging technologies.


Among the plethora of low code UI builders on the market, FlutterViz trumps them all. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned developer, you can make your mark using this tool. Creating mobile applications using FlutterViz is a breeze. You can easily add images, widgets, and starter screens.

This software also supports multiple languages. FlutterViz is a must-have for any serious Flutter enthusiast. It will increase your productivity by at least 20%.

As for the UI, FlutterViz offers a day mode, night mode, and other cool features that allow you to create mobile applications in no time at all. For starters, FlutterViz includes all the usual Flutter widgets. This is a great way to save development hours and make your apps look more professional. You can also choose from several ready-to-use widgets.

The real point is how this UI builder can be adapted to build a wide range of mobile apps. The software also includes a control editor that lets you code your own custom widgets. In addition, it supports APIs and can be integrated with other tools. It also provides a free version of the software, giving you access to its full functionality for a fraction of the cost.

The no code UI builder is a great way to boost productivity and deliver more value to your users. With features that include drag and drop UI components, a control editor, and ready-to-use widgets, FlutterViz is an excellent choice.


Whether you’re a developer or non-technical person, TeleportHQ has something for you. Its low code UI builder enables you to build a website quickly and easily, and with minimal effort. It’s also easy to share projects with collaborators. Its real time collaboration features allow you to chat and edit code in the same environment. You can also preview your finished product in real time.

TeleportHQ also includes an intelligent image management system, which optimizes images for search engines and transforms them to a browser-friendly format. This allows you to create pixel perfect websites across all devices.

In addition to these features, TeleportHQ also offers a suite of UI development tools. Its drag and drop builder allows you to easily import and export elements, add Javascript interactively, and modify the page’s appearance. Its component libraries can be accessed by any developer, and they’re reuseable in multiple projects.

TeleportHQ also has a powerful visual editor, which enables you to build websites, web apps, and custom UI components. You can also import and export Figma prototypes. You can also choose to save reusable components to reuse in future projects.

TeleportHQ also includes a modal feature, which allows you to share a project with a collaborator. This modal feature also displays online contacts and details about ongoing tasks. You can also set up collaborator roles. It’s also easy to test your code and preview the site before it goes live.

UI Bakery

UI Bakery is a low code ui builder that helps developers create internal tools without having to learn new frameworks. The software can help you build multi-page applications and integrate with databases. The platform also lets you add business logic and conditions to your code. It supports a range of third party APIs, and allows you to send HTTP requests.

UI Bakery offers a wide range of templates and pre-built UI components. It also has an easy-to-use interface. In addition, it supports multiple environments and data sources. You can build and deploy applications within minutes. It also helps you customize the application’s UI and branding.

UI Bakery supports SQL databases, APIs, and third-party systems. You can connect your actions and components with your database, add conditions, and manage permissions. It also helps you create a functional admin panel.

You can create a business app, build a CRM, or create a support tool. The platform also allows you to add JavaScript to your codes. It supports 10+ column types, enables you to build multi-page applications, and adds a range of other UI components. The software also allows you to connect to third-party APIs, and offers various data security features.

UI Bakery allows you to build custom apps for a single or multiple users. You can also use its managed service, which provides you with a dedicated support engineer to help you through the development process.

The platform also allows you to create custom domains, white-label your app, and integrate SSO providers. It also offers you a free 14-day trial.

AggreGate IoT Platform

Among the most recent additions to the AggreGate IoT Platform is the addition of a new module for data visualization. This feature allows users to easily configure the interface of a dashboard.

The latest version also offers support for Big Data. The visual editor allows users to easily explore data structures, create algorithms, and analyze the data’s dependencies. It provides the ability to search for variables by description, IP address, or value. Moreover, it includes an API and supports a database of millions of objects.

The platform also offers an interactive end-user application configuration tool. This feature enables users to design applications that control devices. It also integrates with third-party analytics frameworks. It can also be used to visualize real-time energy consumption data.

Users can use the AggreGate Web Desktop, a browser-based interface that works with most mobile devices. The interface can be used to search, analyze, and create new business objects. It’s also possible to add proprietary protocols and configure them as needed.

The platform also offers support for NoSQL databases, including Apache Cassandra. It also provides a JavaScript API that allows for interactive interaction with a uniform data model.

Users can also configure the server to load only the modules they need. The interface also allows users to customize the color keying of icons to simplify navigation between actions.

AggreGate 5.3 also offers new driver integrations. These include OPC UA, SIP, and VMware. This is an improvement over previous versions, which provided only limited compatibility with OPC.

Pega Platform

Whether you’re building a mobile app, a web page, or a chatbot, Pega’s low code UI builder can help you do it quickly and efficiently. Using visual models, Agile methodology, and open APIs, Pega can help you create robust applications without having to write a single line of code.

Pega’s low code UI builder is designed to help you quickly build applications and digital solutions that can improve business processes. Whether you’re a sales manager who wants to track the completion of specific tasks during certain stages of the sales cycle or a HR manager who wants to automate workflows for onboarding tasks, Pega’s low code UI can help you deliver impactful business apps quickly.

Pega’s low code consists of a set of pre-built templates and quick-start tools. Using these tools, developers can quickly build robust applications, such as a CRM app, that can be configured without the help of an IT department.

This allows users to build apps faster and deliver them to market more quickly. The applications built on Pega can be mobile or web-based, and they can also be integrated with other systems, such as email or CRM.

Pega also has an AI-powered suite of solutions that can help your company deliver value to your customers. These solutions help you create better customer experiences, optimize customer interactions, and increase customer lifetime value.

Enterprise low-code development platforms

Having an enterprise low-code development platform in place can improve productivity and speed up the software development process. These platforms include pre-built components and user interfaces that can help users build applications faster. These platforms also offer visual modelling features, which are useful for novice developers.

Low-code development platforms can also help businesses to accelerate time to market. They help reduce IT strain and increase collaboration across business lines. They also help with security and life cycle management. These platforms can be purchased in both proprietary and open source forms.

The best low-code vendors will be able to host your application on a scalable infrastructure. This will help reduce storage costs and maintenance costs. Some platforms will also have a network of licensed support professionals. These features will also help reduce the workload of your developers.

These platforms can also provide support for multi-cloud deployment options. This can help you build applications that can support thousands of users. These platforms can also be used to build mission-critical applications. These platforms can be accessed via mobile devices. They also include rich data integration capabilities. They can help you validate data against offline databases. They can also trigger email reports.

These platforms can also provide end-to-end process optimisation. They can help reduce the time it takes to resolve a ticket. These platforms can also help you to streamline transitions, simplify data analysis, and increase overall productivity.