How to Choose the Best Low Code Development Software

Whether you’re just getting started with low code development or you’re an experienced developer, there are a number of things to keep in mind when choosing a low code development platform. These tips will help you decide between a number of popular software options.


Whether you’re a business owner looking to create an app, or an IT expert tasked with managing an application portfolio, Mendix low code development software can help you build smart applications faster. The platform includes a powerful ecosystem that allows you to build, test and deploy enterprise-grade applications in a single click.

Mendix is a leading low code development platform, with thousands of enterprise clients in 46 countries. The platform provides a cloud-native architecture, which accelerates the entire app development lifecycle. It features intelligent automation, responsive app development, and an extended set of APIs. Using the platform, you can build a wide variety of applications, including mobile, web, BPM, enterprise resource planning, and more.

Mendix also provides a comprehensive set of tools to ensure high productivity and reliability. They include a Model SDK, which allows developers to build supporting tools around the Mendix platform. Using the Model SDK, you can extend the platform to provide new capabilities for your applications, and to reuse code. The Model SDK has documentation and API docs to help you get started.

Mendix is also built on a cloud-native architecture, which enables it to run on private, public and hybrid clouds. This makes it easy for you to deploy your applications, and for them to run on any cloud. It also provides integration with your existing DevOps pipeline.

Mendix supports model-driven engineering, which means you can use drag-and-drop components to create an application. With Mendix, you can create applications six times faster than traditional coding.

Visual Lansa

Whether you are developing an application, a website or a mobile app, Visual Lansa low code development software has everything you need. It will help you get a product out the door in less time. It also reduces risk and technical debt. It can help businesses maintain their applications.

Visual LANSA offers a robust business rules engine that allows you to create high-quality enterprise applications with minimal coding. It also features a metadata repository. Its WYSIWYG designer allows you to build responsive web applications. It has a drag-and-drop function.

You can develop mobile and desktop applications, using a variety of assets. You can also create and deploy apps to a Windows or IBM i server. The IDE is powerful and easy to use.

Low code development is gaining traction in the business world. Its benefits include rapid application development, low cost, and reduced complexity. It also allows multiple users to work on the same app.

Visual LANSA has been proven to boost the speed of application development. It helps you develop high quality, multi-experience applications. You can develop desktop and mobile applications, as well as responsive web applications. It helps you achieve your business objectives, reduce IT costs, and digitally transform your business.

Visual LANSA’s low code development features include an integrated meta-data repository, a powerful business rules engine, and an easy drag-and-drop deployment mechanism. It’s also one of the cheapest low code development solutions out there. You can try Visual LANSA for free for a 90-day trial period.


Whether you’re a startup founder or a freelancer, Thunkable is an easy way to build your own native mobile apps without writing any code. In fact, you can have a fully functional app ready to launch in just days. In fact, 7 million apps have been created on Thunkable’s platform.

Thunkable allows you to create apps for both iOS and Android devices. You can also publish your apps directly to the app store. In addition, you can use Thunkable’s Web API component to connect your apps to third party data and link sources.

Thunkable has a huge community of users. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, you’ll find plenty of help on Thunkable’s blog and forum. In addition, you’ll find a gallery of open source sample apps. You can also learn from the community’s best practices.

Thunkable also features a robust drag-and-drop programming language, making it an easy way to build apps. You can also take advantage of Thunkable’s advanced editing capabilities. In addition, you can share your projects with a community of creatives.

Thunkable is currently available in 184 countries, and it has been used to build more than seven million apps. It also plans to continue to improve its enterprise capabilities. You can take advantage of Thunkable’s unique app branding tool, which lets you automatically make your app’s logo viewable by the public. It also comes with a free tier that doesn’t offer much in the way of extra features.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, Appian created two apps for its customers. These apps allow users to create and maintain custom business apps.

Appian is a low code development platform that simplifies application development and allows users to quickly create custom apps without having to write code. The Appian Platform has been used by several major companies to streamline business processes. It unifies artificial intelligence and robotic process automation for the development of custom apps.

Clappia is a cloud-based application development platform that allows business users to create custom enterprise-level applications without coding. It can also integrate with multiple processes, track user tasks and manage resources. Clappia’s debugging engine helps users fix application errors. Clappia also offers an efficient deployment process. It offers users the opportunity to test compatibility, import and export data and manage access.

Clappia is a great choice for organizations and SMEs. It is a cloud-based solution that has no setup cost and no coding skills required. You can also collaborate with vendors and employees. Clappia’s debugging engine makes application debugging simple and fast. You can also create complex scenarios with Excel formulae. Clappia is a great platform for creating custom apps for employees and shopfloor workers.

Appian’s drag-and-drop interface makes it easy for non-technical users to build custom apps. This also helps ensure that the user experience is user-friendly. This platform provides support for citizen developers as well as technical developers.


Using GeneXus for software development helps you to design and build applications that are based on Artificial Intelligence (AI). It allows you to create mobile, web, and native applications. In addition, it helps you to integrate the apps you create with external systems. This platform also simplifies the development of enterprise applications.

GeneXus is used by thousands of businesses, from small businesses to large companies. Some of its clients include Honda, Mitsubishi Electric, and TV Azteca.

GeneXus offers easy-to-use solutions that help companies create mission-critical software. It can generate native mobile apps, web apps, and hybrid apps. GeneXus also helps companies adopt new technologies. It offers fast and efficient development tools that help developers build new systems, test applications, and make maintenance tasks easier.

GeneXus is also helpful in reducing time to market. It provides tools for end-to-end solutions for all devices, including Apple TV apps, virtual apps, and chatbots. It also offers offline functionality.

GeneXus offers a free trial for new users. It can be a good solution for developers who are just starting out, but don’t have a lot of experience. It is also an excellent tool for building applications with transactional implications.

GeneXus is also a good choice for database maintenance. It offers an automatic data synchronization feature. This helps users connect to virtually any database. It is a powerful tool for building applications, but it can be challenging to learn.


Whether you’re a developer or a business executive, OutSystems low code development software can help you deliver business critical applications faster. It can also help you create a better user experience. With pixel-perfect UI, smooth animations, and powerful partner solutions, OutSystems delivers everything you need to create modern enterprise apps.

The OutSystems platform unites design, code, and deployment. This allows users to build apps with a simple drag-and-drop process. The platform also includes a robust app editor. The editor allows users to map UI elements and database objects. The tool automatically creates tabs and offers a custom-branded preview.

The OutSystems architecture dashboard gives you an overview of complex architectures, and helps you avoid common pitfalls. It also includes a live style guide to help designers get started. This helps users apply branding guidelines to their apps.

OutSystems uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help identify design issues early and ensure that apps are built with best practices. It also provides AI automation, which helps developers build high-quality applications with minimal effort.

OutSystems has a powerful UI framework that includes hundreds of pre-built UI patterns and widgets. It also includes screen templates, components, and layouts that developers can easily use to build applications.

OutSystems offers a free version that supports up to ten users. It also offers a standard package that starts at $10,000 per month. In addition, it also offers a cloud-based option.