The Best Free Math Apps For Kids

It doesn’t matter how smart your kid is, math will always be important. Whether it’s figuring out how many cookies to buy for a bake sale, calculating how much change you get from a dollar bill, or even just adding two numbers together, math skills are essential.

As parents we often feel guilty when our kids ask us questions about math. We worry that they won’t understand the answers, or worse yet, they might not care enough to learn.

But as a parent myself, I’ve learned that kids who struggle with math are usually struggling because they aren’t learning it properly.

If you want to help your child master basic math concepts, then these free apps are perfect for you. They cover everything from addition to multiplication to division, and they’re great for both beginners and advanced students alike.

I’m going to share my top picks for the best free math apps for kids, along with links to each app’s website where you can download it directly.

The Best Free Math Apps For Kids

While there are many free math apps available for children, there are a few that stand out. Here are four of the most popular: Rocket Math, Algebra Touch, Socratic by Google, and Photomath.

Each of these applications has a unique design and a variety of features to keep kids engaged. Whether you’re looking for a game that can challenge your child or an app that helps them improve their math skills, we’ve reviewed them all below.

Rocket Math

When looking for free math apps for young kids, Rocket Mathematics is a good choice. This app features 26 levels of learning, thematic titles, and many customizable options.

It has a lot to offer, from audio and visual aids to a narrator and visual graphs. There are plenty of options for teachers and parents alike, and it’s easy to see why parents and teachers love this application.

This free math app helps children learn to perform basic arithmetic operations through a 3D graphic rocket building game. The app is designed to be fun for kids, so students can get a lot of practice without getting frustrated.

The game is easy to use and does not take too long. Whether you’re on your tablet, smartphone, or computer, the app is designed to be user-friendly and fun.

This app is perfect for students who have difficulty with algebra, geometry, or subtraction. It also teaches your child to recognize patterns and logical reasoning.

There are even puzzles and challenges to complete. As a parent, you’ll find that you’re able to see your child’s progress and can easily help if needed. This app is an excellent resource for parents looking for free math apps for kids.

Algebra Touch

If you want your kids to enjoy algebra, consider the free math app Algebra Touch. This app harnesses the power of multisensory learning, allowing your child to manipulate the equations using touch, as well as to simplify them and draw lines to eliminate similar terms.

Not only can your child solve problems on screen, but they can even create their own. The app offers a variety of topics and challenges, as well as an option to assign a teacher to use the app with his or her students.

The first level is geared toward elementary school students and features clear tutorials. There are 10 exercises per level, beginning with an introduction to algebra.

One of these exercises involves balancing scales to represent equations. Children have to find a balanced scale to solve the equation and learn how to simplify it.

The app also has an online community for sharing problems and progressing to higher levels. This app can be downloaded from the Apple store or the Google Play Store for free.

If you are new to algebra, you should give this app a try. Its user interface is “no-fail” which encourages exploration and learning by doing.

Algebra Touch also features randomized practice problems and a challenge mode at the end of each module. This app is free to download and has over a million downloads.

You should consider downloading it if you have young children to use it for learning.

Socratic by Google

Socratic by Google is among the best and most useful free math apps for students. This app can help students learn algebra, biology, geometry, physics, history, literature, and many other subjects.

Socratic solves math word problems by taking pictures. It’s available for both iOS and Android. It’s not yet complete, but you can download it and try it out for free.

Socratic is a learning app that works with professional educators to deliver visual explanations of all subjects. Students can download Socratic for free on both iOS and Android devices.

To download the app, you must create a Google account. The app can recognize text on the screen via the camera. The database is made up of over three hundred thousand inquiries and is available in several languages.

To get started with Socratic, you can snap a picture of a question, such as a homework problem, and then let Socratic identify the problem and provide a solution.

The application is also a popular choice for students who are looking for math help. It allows students to learn algebra and other mathematical formulas with the help of gamification.

You can create a character in the game and complete missions, rescue pets, battle bosses, and participate in seasonal festivals. Socratic is the best free math app, but there are many other great math apps on the market.


While many apps offer similar features, Photomath uses proprietary AI technology to produce step-by-step explanations. These algorithms are built into the core of the app to ensure the best user experience.

The core functionality of the app is developed in C++ and runs locally on the device, so it can solve problems even without a connection to the internet.

Photomath also has started implementing cloud processing for some premium features and content.

Another free math app called Photomath is based on advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technology. To use the app, you simply point your camera at the math equation you’re trying to solve.

The app will then explain the steps in detail, along with the answer. The app supports 36 languages, and it helps students improve their math scores in classrooms around the world. It’s even useful for parents trying to help their kids with their homework.

Photomath also solves word problems, and it does this through the use of animated steps. The app has a comprehensive solution to nearly every problem you can imagine.

There are solutions to almost every equation you can type, and Photomath will help you find them in seconds. You can also find detailed explanations of the solution to the problem in a photo.

Photomath is a great app for both grade school students and university graduates.


Teaching children math can be a challenging task. While the education system is changing rapidly, we can still make our jobs easier with the aid of technology.

DragonBox Math Apps have a unique approach to presenting and learning math, making it more fun for children. This app features a number of games and activities that will help kids learn the basics of math while also developing their critical thinking skills.

DragonBox Numbers transforms math concepts into colorful characters. These colourful characters are called Nooms. Children can stack, sort, slice, and combine Nooms to find a certain number.

The app features 4 different activities, each of which will challenge students’ problem-solving skills and increase their enjoyment of math.

They must solve puzzles to send Noom down a specific path, while also making quick mental calculations.

If you’re looking for a free math app that will help your child excel in algebra, DragonBox Algebra 12+ is the right choice. Its user interface will make learning algebra fun and interactive.

The app also helps children develop their mathematical thinking skills while practicing with fun digital characters. DragonBox also has a dedicated math app for parents.

This app is recommended by Stanford University. It offers interactive learning experiences for children in pre-algebra, Algebra 5+, and Algebra 12+.

Space Pig Math

The free version of Space Pig Math is one of the most popular free math apps available on the market. You can play this cognitive game in many countries, categories, and devices.

You can track the app’s downloads by hour and even explore the top keywords and segments by country and date range. This app can help your child learn basic math concepts and help them develop their math skills.

The game also offers a range of other educational benefits.

You can download Space Pig Math from the Google Play Store. However, keep in mind that Google warns against downloading apps from third-party sources. We suggest you use the official app from Google Play. Its installation and playstore rating is good.

Once downloaded, you can play the app on your PC or laptop with any emulator. You can download a variety of well-known emulators for free and start playing.

This free educational game focuses on practicing times tables up to 12×12 with retro-style visuals and sounds. The creators of Space Pig Math are a dad and game industry veteran.

This app rewards correct answers with over-the-top effects. It is fun for novices and challenging for the pros. It will also keep your child engaged in math. In short, Space Pig Math is one of the best free math apps for kids.